IELTS Test Preparation Services

Hello, and a warm welcome from all of us at Neelaruns Institute of Confidence, Coimbatore’s premier destination for IELTS test preparation. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to aid both students and professionals in migrating to countries where English is the native language like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc.

Types of IELTS Tests:

There are two main types of IELTS tests that candidates cna take according to their different purposes and needs:

IELTS Academic Test

IELTS General Training


    1. Purpose: The Academic test is primarily for individuals applying to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels or seeking professional registration in an English-speaking environment.

    1. Test Takers: Students applying for academic programs at universities or institutions abroad.


    1. Purpose: The General Training test is for individuals planning to migrate to English-speaking countries for work or to undergo non-academic training programs can take the test.

    1. Test Takers: Those seeking immigration or applying for jobs and training programs in English-speaking countries.

Test Formats:

IELTS tests assess language proficiency in four key skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each of these sections is designed to evaluate different aspects of your English language ability.

    1. Listening (30 minutes):


        • Format: The test-taker listens to four recorded monologues and conversations and answers a series of questions.

        • Objective: This section evaluates the ability to understand spoken English in various contexts, such as everyday conversations, academic lectures, and workplace discussions.

    1. Reading (60 minutes):


        • Format: This section consists of three long reading passages with a set of questions for each passage.

        • Objective: It assesses the ability to understand, interpret, and analyze information presented in written texts, including academic articles, newspapers, and magazines.

    1. Writing (60 minutes):


        • Format: There are two tasks in this section: Task 1 and Task 2.

        • Task 1 (Academic): The test takers need to describe visual information. The visual information will be in the form of charts, graphs, or diagrams.

        • Task 1 (General Training): The test-taker needs to write a letter based on a given situation.

        • Task 2: The test-taker needs to write an essay in response to a point of view, argument, or problem.

        • Objective: It evaluates the ability to express ideas clearly, organize information, and write coherently.

    1. Speaking (11-14 minutes):


        • Format: This section consists of a face-to-face interview with a certified IELTS examiner.

        • Part 1: Introduction and interview about familiar topics.

        • Part 2: The test-taker gets a topic card with a task to talk about. They have one minute to prepare and then have to speak for up to two minutes.

        • Part 3: A discussion with the examiner on abstract topics related to the task in Part 2.

        • Objective: It assesses the ability to communicate effectively, express opinions, and engage in a conversation.

Test Scoring:

Examiners use a nine-band scale to report IELTS scores, with each band representing a level of English proficiency, from band 1 (non-user) to band 9 (expert user). Test takers receive separate scores for each section (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) as well as an overall band score, which is the average of the four section scores. Here in Saibaba Colony, at Neelaruns Institute of Confidence, we craft our IELTS services to fit your unique needs.

Test scores are valid for two years, and candidates can request additional copies of their Test Report Form to be sent to institutions or organizations as needed.

Why Choose Neelaruns for IELTS test preparation?

Our IELTS trainers are highly professional and experienced. We conduct both online and offline training for the convenience of the students. During the pandemic, we educated more than 250 students completely online and they qualified to go abroad without any difficulty. The pandemic helped us to expand our horizons nationwide with one-click access to online classes.

Now, Neelaruns Institute students come from all over the world to our Institute for both online and offline classes. We are proud to say that we have been in this industry for almost two decades and taught more than 5000 students. Also, out of the 5000, many students scored a band 9 on their IELTS. Hear from our past students who have excelled in their IELTS exams and are now pursuing their dreams, thanks to the robust preparation they received at Neelaruns Institute of Confidence, Coimbatore.

As Coimbatore’s leading IELTS test preparation service, we’re not just about teaching; we’re about building futures, one student at a time. With our comprehensive approach and personalized support, watch as your English proficiency reaches new heights and opens a world of possibilities.

Neelaruns Institute believes in personalized training and making the learning experience exciting. Contact us and visit us to ace your IELTS test prep today!